VA Primary 2019

Where do I vote?

Where is my polling place? 


Your polling place has not changed. Many Hampton precincts have moved between the 92nd and 91st due to the redistricting, but you still vote at the same place. 

You can check your voter registration at the Virginia Board of Elections Voter Information page

Hampton Voting precinct information can be found here.

I thought I was in the 92nd district?

I've been voting for Del. Jeion Ward for years, why the change? 


On February 1st, a court-ordered redistricting went into effect, redrawing several Peninsula House of Delegate districts, including the 92nd and 91st. Much of eastern Hampton, including Thomas, Smith, Jones, Kecoughtan, and Tyler, were moved from the 92nd into the 91st. Additionally several precincts, including most of York County, were moved out of the 91st. You can see the 

Del. Ward is still representing the 92nd. 

What's with this redistricting?


On February 1st, a court ordered redistricting went into effect, redrawing the lines of several Peninsula House of Delegate district, including the 91st. 

The Virginia Public Access Project rates a 20-point partisan shift in the district, to a +8 Democratic party advantage in the fall. Also, the current delegate has retired, making this an empty seat and likely pickup. That is why this primary is so critically important. 

The 91st is one of three districts that Democrats are likely to pick up this fall, and is crucial to flipping control of the General Assembly.