About the 91st District

The Virginia House of Delegates is split into 100 districts, with each constituency electing one of their own to serve in Richmond. Our home, the 91st District, has natural beauty, historic neighborhoods, and national treasures. The region is tied together by the Chesapeake Bay and the Back River. Find out here if you live in the 91st.

In southeastern Hampton, you'll find Fort Monroe and Phoebus, two storied areas within Hampton Roads. Fort Monroe, a refuge for escaped slaves during the Civil War, is now a national monument, thanks to President Obama. With beaches, picnic shelters, and the Casemate Museum, Fort Monroe is a beautiful place to be. Downtown Phoebus is the site of multiple new businesses and a charming, old-time feel.

You can head north to visit Buckroe Beach, a seaside community that boasts a large public beach and hosts many community events. Soon, you'll reach Grandview Island, with its deep salt marsh and a large nature preserve. Slightly westward lie Fox Hill, Willow Oaks, and other peaceful neighborhoods along the Back River. 

Most residents are familiar with the sound of jets zooming overhead, as Langley Air Force Base (LAFB) sits in the middle of the 91st District. Just to the north of LAFB is NASA Langley Research Center, where vital scientific research takes place on everything from climate change to space travel. 

To the west of LAFB are a few more Hampton neighborhoods, and then the Hampton Highway brings you up to Tabb and adjacent neighborhoods in York County. These are attractive places to live, with a friendly residential atmosphere, a public library, and close access to nearby shopping centers.

And last, but certainly not least, is the independent city of Poquoson. Tucked to the east of York County, across the Back River from Fox Hill and Grandview, Poquoson is a quiet balance to the often busy streets of Hampton and main thoroughfares in York County. Poquoson is deeply connected to the water, as many residents make their living in the seafood industry. Messick Point is a launching location for all kinds of watercraft. The city also draws storm surge protection from extensive marsh territory. With a rich history of its own, Poquoson is a unique part of the 91st District. 


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