Marijuana legalization

Where do you stand on legalization of marijuana?

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I've been a proponent of marijuana decriminalization for several years now, supporting efforts in the General Assembly to reduce simple possession from a criminal penalty to a civil one. While we haven't had any progress on that front, I do support efforts at the local level by Commonwealth Attorneys such as Hampton's own Anton Bell, to stop prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana possession cases. 

However, I am not in favor of outright legalization at this time, mainly because I do not want to see corporate profiteering from Altria and other entities occur. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals in the Commonwealth with criminal records for cannabis-related crimes, and until we can figure out some sort of restorative measures for the communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs.  What form that takes, whether expungement, licensing, or funding quotas, should be discussed before we open the doors to big business.