When was the last time you felt that someone in Richmond was looking out for you?

For those of us here in Virginia’s 91st District, the answer is obvious: “It’s been a long time.” It’s the answer that I hear from voters all across the district and it’s the reason why I decided to launch this campaign.

This district is one of the most vibrant and diverse in the entire state of Virginia. The values of this district are rooted in a proud history but in 2017 Virginian values mean inclusivity, compassion, and opportunity, not just for investors but for people who get up every morning and work hard every day.

I’ve never run for office before but it’s clear that the professional political class doesn’t have answers for Hampton Roads. My wife and I met in middle school not too far from where we live now. Now, we’re raising two daughters so it’s urgently important to me that we get our area back on the right track as soon as possible. Our kids deserve all the support and opportunity we can possibly provide. They need that support from us but also from our community leaders. We can’t afford to keep send someone back to Richmond who never made our public schools a priority.

The Chesapeake Bay is an irreplaceable resource for this community, not a piggy bank for commercial gain. We can’t afford to send someone to Richmond who’ll keep marching lockstep with a special interest agenda that favors short-term profits over the area’s long-term future.

And every resident in this district deserves quality healthcare. The House of Delegates can’t control what happens in Washington, DC but it can decide how national policies are implemented here in our state. We can’t afford to keep sending someone back to Richmond who denies our residents the benefit of a Medicaid expansion that other states enjoy.

The government of Virginia needs to work for Virginians. The people of the 91st District deserve a representative who’ll look out for our interests, not lockstep partisan interests or the commercial interests of a few monied insiders.

It would be the privilege of my life to provide that kind of representation for you.