Michael Brandon Wade is an information technology, computer science, and cybersecurity professional. His career focuses on helping businesses, non-profits, and advocacy organizations transform using digital technology. 

Mike was born to a rural, working-class family in southern Indiana. His family moved to Virginia, settling in Smithfield, where he met his wife, Stacy Shorter. Mike has lived on the Peninsula for the last 20 years, including the last 10 in the city of Hampton. 

Over the last two decades, he has owned his own computer store, worked for a Fortune 500 company, and today has clientele all over the Hampton Roads region. 

In 2015, he entered the political arena, becoming involved in the 2016 presidential primary campaign for Bernie Sanders and the Democratic parties of Hampton and Virginia

During that time, he discovered that his Delegate to the General Assembly had been unopposed for six years, voting against Medicaid expansion and doing seemingly little for the people of the 91st district.  After it became apparent that no one else was willing to challenge the incumbent, Mike decided to run himself. The campaign was ultimately unsuccessful, but was key to passing Medicaid expansion in Virginia when Mike's opponent crossed party lines and became the 51st vote for expansion. 

For the last two years, Mike's been focused on organizing the working class, and mobilizing the citizens of Hampton Roads and the Commonwealth. He continues to push for reforms within municipal, state and federal government, to make sure that they better represent the everyday working families, not business interests and corporations.