New fracked gas transmission pipelines

Where do you stand on new fracked gas transmission pipelines, including Southside Connector, Mountain Valley Pipeline, MVP Southgate Extension, and Atlantic Coast Pipeline?

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Emily, I'm generally opposed to the creation of new fossil fuel infrastructure; we need to move toward a clean economy as fast as possible. I believe the science that tells us that we have to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint in order to avert climate catastrophe, and building pipelines that will be around for 40 years is the wrong way to do it. There are also the questions of environmental racism that we've seen in Union Hill in elsewhere that these pipelines raise. 

I'm excited by the development of the Virginia wind power program, which is slated to begin production next June and shows great promise. It has the capability to transform the region into the premier manufacturing hub for wind infrastructure on the east coast. I'm also looking at the CPACE programs that provide municipalities and other entities low-cost financing for solar infrastructure. I think both of these are great ways to help bring the Green New Deal to Virginia and provide greate paying, union jobs to Virginia. 

For more on my thoughts on the fossil fuel economy, and the corrupting influence of FF corporations in the General Assembly, please see this 2016 post that I wrote called Why Coal (Money) Matters

Thank you for your inquiry.